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IrysWars Servers have been moved on 6/4/2013

Today IrysWars has changed servers. The changes shouldn't be noticeable, though.

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Fixes to the War System and others
on 3/4/2013

Small Accessibility Patch
on 6/3/2013

Back on the Net
on 4/3/2013

War BugFix, Forum and Advertisement
on 6/5/2010

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Irys Wars

Irys Wars is an Online Browser-Based Strategy game.

You start off with a small village, but as time goes you grow and grow until establishing a whole empire.

In your conquest to supremacy you will:

  • interact with real players from all across the globe;
  • create your mighty army and watch all your battles in extreme detail;
  • customize your army to the finest with all sorts of weapons, armours, skills and more;
  • level up your heroic incarnation and become a veteran in war strategies;
  • collect technology pages to research new possible equipment or other items;
  • manage and watch your population grow, assigning them to different jobs
  • reach out past the bounds of your village to gather resources or attack enemy villages;
  • form alliances to declare your territory.

Irys Wars is awaiting your arrival.